2021 E Scams-ISP Alerts

2021 E Scams

The following email messages are examples of actual email phishing scams or attempts to deliver a virus via email. Most of these examples appear to
have been sent by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You may also receive this type of email scam that appears to have been sent by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, or a familiar credit card or bank.

If you do receive one of the following emails or a similar email message in your inbox, please avoid opening any attachments and delete the email.

NOTE: If you receive a questionable email and it is not listed here, do not assume that the email is valid. This list is simply a small sample of the large amount of scam emails that are circulating. 

Subject: Friday, January 22, 2021_Notification
Date: 2021-01-22 12:05
From: "yoursip.net: 1/22/2021" <spammer address eperalta@gotworxstaffing.com>
To: <customer@yourisp.net>


Hello customer@yourisp.net,

Password for customer@yourisp.net] expires today

1/22/2021 at 7:05 PM

You can change your password or continue using current password.

Keep Current Password (malicious link)

Yourisp.net Support

Evelyn Peralta

GotWorX Staffing, Inc.
E: spammer address eperalta@gotworxstaffing.com

spammer domain gotworxstaffing.com

Are you on our list? New jobs, every week. Text GOTWORX to 77222.

This email may contain confidential and/or private information. If you received this email in error please delete and notify sender.

Subject: Auth Required-Important Secure Mail Upgrade/Changes
Date: 2021-01-14 5:55 AM
From: Account Management 
To: Customer@yourisp.com


Your walmart order 151412254-51451 is on the way. 

Txn id - 5478FDRT145 

Amount charged - $6149.99 

Product - LG Nano Tv 85 

If you have not made this transaction call walmart fraud department
immediately at +1-833-220-3619 to block this transaction.   

Walmart sales 
www.walmart.com   +1-833-220-3619

Subject: order on the way
Date: 2021-01-08 10:47 AM
From: Biagio Biagioae 
To: Customer@yourdomain.com

Important (Your ISP) Email Changes :

New features and updates for your @yourisp.com Email has been released and we are writing to inform you before we apply them to your Email Account. We extensively increased our spam filtering database to detect and analyze commonly used spam keywords, robo-junk senders and other forms of junk messages. Internal storage capacity has also been increased to 10GB for standard users and 20GB for commercial/business.

Due to the nature of this recent changes, we may hold incoming messages if we have not received your authorization on or before January 20, 2021 to apply this new changes to your @yourisp.com Email.

We have made the authorization process easy, you may proceed to authorize this changes at (link removed)

Thanks for choosing us,

Your ISP Email Team

Pay your bill My Account Support Apps (links removed)

Privacy Policy.

2021 Your ISP Intellectual Property. This is a service-related email. Your ISP will occasionally send you service-related emails to inform you of service upgrades or new benefits.

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